LUDHIANA, Punjab, India: Mall Singh Ghumman, the General Secretary of the S.G.P.C. who was whisked away by the police, before addressing the newsmen at Teja Singh Samundari Hall, Amritsar, sometime ago told newsmen at Ludhiana that the government was looking for excuses to dissolve the S.G.P.C. to hand over the control of the Temple to a government packed board for managing this religious holy shrine. He alleged that the government is out to seize the control of the holiest of the holy Sikh shrines which will amount to a direct interference in the Sikh religion. Mr. Ghumman posed a counter question to the government about the smuggling of arms into the Golden Temple. He told them. Pressmen either the government is incompetent to handle the situation or this was being done with its connivance. He declared that the S.G.P.C. will not give any written assurance to the government to that effect.

He also declared that the institution of S.G.P.C. was established after a series of sacrifices. Now the Sikhs fully know how to protect their rights.

Article extracted from this publication >> June 17, 1988