GOBIND SINGH is easily recognized in any crowd performing his favorite Taekwondo (Korean Martial Arts) forms. Gobind has just turned six last month. He started learning karate two years ago in Taegu, South Korea. His interest in martial arts developed partly after watching Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris movies. So getting tired of bringing those movies and putting up posters in Gobind’s room, his Dad enrolled him in karate school. Back in Korea, at that tender age, Gobind’s enthusiasm to aggressive learning soon earned him Master Ku’s “favorite student”.

Gobind earned his first two promotions at American Taekwondo Academy, San Antonio, Texas. At present, he is enrolled at Choi Karate Institute, Augusta, Georgia. Above all, he recently earned his “Brown Belt” status (3rd Cup) making him the youngest student with that color belt. His next hurdle is to earn black belt, which Gobind dearly wants and works hard. He was named “Student of the Month October, 1987”: and then followed by another award “Student of the year, 1987” by his school. Other young Sikhs in this area have also joined karate after watching Gobind. According to his Instructor Mr. Charles Dunbar, Gobind will be the youngest Black Belt the school has ever had.

Gobind is enrolled in kindergarten level at CT. Walker Magnet School in August, Ga, and According to his teacher, Ms. Welcher he is a good student. Recently, Gobind and his younger sister Harleen Kaur, have taken a giant step forward by starting to learn and singh “Kirtan”. Small stories from Sikh Guru’s lives fascinate young Gobind. His other hobbies include playing Golf and swimming.

Gobind had a thumb injury last month sparring with a higher belt but even that did not stop him practicing Tai Kwon Doo and also to appear in his promotion test. In March Gobind is entering in the Tai Kwon Doo Championship, which is sanctioned by United States Tai Kwon Doo Union and the 8th USTU Junior Olympic, Tampa, Florida, for the Junior Olympic selection team.

Even with the knowledge of self-defense, Gobind has never misused it on anybody (other than his sister who constantly nags him). Gobind always sets his goals in advance and knows in his own little ways how to accomplish them.

Article extracted from this publication >> February 26, 1988