GLEN ROCK, N.J: A function to commemorate the passing on of Guruship to the Guru Granth Sahib will be held at the Si Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Glen Rock, on Sunday September 18.

Earlier the Gurdwara marked the Gurpurb of Guru Harkrishan ji ‘on 28 by laying special emphasis ‘on children.

A mini camp for children was held ‘at the Gurdwara on 27, 28 in which about 40 young Sikhs participated.

Jasmit Singh (12) was amongst the three children who could recite the Japuji Sahib, Rehras Sahib and the Ardas.

The other two were Ramadeep Kaur (12) and Navdeep Singh (10).

Children who could recite the Japuji Sahib include Jasjit Singh, Jaswinder Kaur, Jaspreet Kaur, Jatinder Kaur, Damanjeet Singh, Devinder Kaur, Kamaljit Kaur, Parminder Singh, Gurinder Singh, Harbans Singh, Mohinder Kaur,

Ravinder Kaur and Avinash Kaur,

The minicamp has proved very popular with both children and their parents, because they get Sikh children to make friends with each other and also gives them a chance to learn about Sikh traditions as well as recite Gurbani, while having fun.

It is learnt that such minicamps are being planned in various Gurdwaras including the Garden State Sikh Association in Bridgewater NJ.

Article extracted from this publication >> September 9, 1988