The Monsoon broke over the northern region and provided respite to the people from the scorching heat.

  1. The much publicized MARUTI car with only 3% indigenous parts is proving a headache to the buyer. A Chandigarh buyers’ car met with an accident at Amritsar within 7 months of its purchase. The engine was intact and only one side of the car was damaged. The owner has been made to pay Rs. 56740/ for the repair of the car which originally cost him only Rs. 520000/.

The Labour charges account for Rs. 7000/=and Rs. 31000/has been charged for the shell alone. Even a door handle costs Rs. 114/ and the front grill Rs. 750/. One wonders what the cost of the repairs will be if the engine also has to be replaced.

  1. The Akali Dal (L) conclave expressed concern at Anandpur Sahib over the government decision to disband nine Sikh regiments. The party urged the government to reverse its decision.
  2. The opposition leaders in Haryana submitted a memorandum to the Prime Minister leveling grave charges of corruption and nepotism against the Haryana Chief Minister — Mr. Bhajan Lal. The Prime Minister has instituted a judicial commission to enquire into the charges.
  3. The Punjab government has decided to pay an exgratia grant of Rs. 20000/ to the next of kin of each “innocent” person killed in actions by the security forces and agitations in the State since August, 1982.
  4. Mr. R. K. Dhawan, Personal Assistant of the former Prime Minister is under questioning for the past 7 months as a suspect.
  5. Mr. Rajinder Puri an eminent cartoonist and newspaper columnist was beaten by the police for leading a demonstration of Delhi’s Jhuggi colonies against our five star culture? What kind of social order are we evolving if such beatings are indulged in by the police and what kind of training are we imparting to them asks Mr. Kuldip Nayyar, an eminent journalist. 8. A total of 6129684 tons of wheat has been pro: cured in 198586 against 4880458 tons of 198485 as on July 4. U. P. comes second with 2 lakh tons and Haryana third with 19.5 lakh tons only.

Article extracted from this publication >>  August 9, 1985