In order for the alleged conspiracy to assassinate Mr. Bhajan Lal, Chief Minister State of Haryana, India, to constitute a Federal crime Mr. Lal must have been a “foreign official,” “official guest,” or an “internationally protected person” as defined under the provisions of Title 18, “United States,” Section 1116.

After having carefully considered the evidence, the law and the briefs filed by the counsel, the court finds that Mr. Bhajan Lal was not a “foreign Official,” Official guest” or an ‘Internationally protected person,” as defined under the Provisions of Title 18, “United States,” Section 1116.

Since he is not included within the definitions under the Statute the indictment does not charge a Federal crime. Hence this court has no jurisdiction and the indictment is hereby DISMISSED.


Sept. 4, 1985

New Orleans43-21q  

United States

District Judge

Patrick BE. Carr

Article extracted from this publication >>  September 20, 1985