NEW DELHI, India: In a contemptuous tone, Home Minister. Buta Singh told the Lok Sahba that the special branch inspector charged of spying ‘on the Jan Morcha member Arif Mohammad Khan inside the Janata Party headquarters, was actually on the lookout for the Sikh freedom fighters. Dismissing the allegation that Inspector Raghir Singh and three of his associates were swooping on the activities of the opposition members. As totally baseless he described the charge as sheer gundaism on the part of the opposition leaders, speaking on the allegation made by some members of the Janata Party. Buta Singh said that Dehli has been put on red alert on sound information that some hard core freedom fighters had entered into the capital. It was according to the prevalent practice that Raghir Singh and his colleagues were keeping a watch. The agitated Prof. Madhu Dandwate asked the Speaker to bring the Home Minister to reality. The members of the both sides were seen castigating against each other. Mr. Arif Mohammad Khan, uttered some unparliamentarily remarks which were not brought on the record,

This issue was raised by some Janata Party and C.P.M. members during the zero hour who asked the Speaker to investigate the conduct of the said inspector Ragbir Singh and others.

Nevertheless Buta Singh made a counter allegation that the inspector was dragged into the office of the Janata Party and assaulted by the workers of that party. He also alleged that his I.D. card was snatched away. The inspector was only released when the police intervened.

A counter case has been registered by the police and the investigation is in progress.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 4, 1988