By Parminder Singh (Harjanmoula) Death Cell, Central Jail, Lahore

The ultimate aim of all major religions of the world is “Salvation”. According to the Sikh way of life, a man gets salvation if he fulfills all the duties assigned to him by the Almighty “Akalpurkh’. Those duties are categorized as under:

* Duty towards parents, husband/wife, children, relatives, friends and colleagues.

* Duty towards one’s owns self.

* Duty towards God, the “Creator of All”.

Of all the above mentioned duties, the duty toward one’s nation and that of God seems to be most important, as they include all, contain all. But as the Creator God (Waheguru) resides in nation (i.e. GuruPanth), the duty towards nation, therefore assumes to priority. In other words, to serve nation or society is to serve and please God. It is the nation that lives for several thousand years and not a particular individual or his friends, and near and dears. Also there is no harm in sacrificing the domestic duties for the greater interest of one’s nation. One should suffer a lesser harm and save oneself from a bigger loss.

Sikh people are struggling to save the Sikh nation. A lot of blood is shed for the sake of nation. People are pouring a lot of money for the Sikh movement. Sikh youths, in large numbers are spending their lives behind the bars in jails. All are serving the vital interest of their nation, without caring, for their own home and hearth. This pleases Waheguru. And the bounteous God shall shower His blessings one day. This must be taken as granted.

Today when Sikh nation is passing and facing a drastic turn, we all should strive our every nerve, exhaust all our capacities, for the achievement of our nation’s objective for ideas as ordained by the Sikh “Gurus” in Sikh religious scriptures.

Raj Bina Nah Dharm Chale Hein

Dharm Bina Sab Dale Male Hein

Kanoo Kissi Ka Raj Na De Hein

Jo Le Hein Nij Bal Se Le Hein

It’s your duty toward your

Nation to change the poor outlook of the people and initiate a mental revelation among them. Through speech or writing, to alter the tyrannical order of one day and establish a new just order of life by the power of “sword” i.e. “Bhagauti”.

One should choose atleast one way, if not all, to serve one’s nation. The scientific three dimensional theory is physical, mental and financial means of serving nation and society. The Sikh religion approves it in the following verse:

“Tan Mann Dhann Sub Saun Guru Ko Hukam Manein Payes” (Guru Amardas Ji)

MENTAL: In this type of struggle one is armed with the weapon of reason and intelligence against his enemy. This war continues until all the intellectual and philosophical ramparts of one enemy’s fortifications are razed to the ground. Every branch of knowledge is to be applied for the purpose. Guru Arjan provided similar guidelines as under:

Mann Becha, Satgur Ke Pass Tis Sevak Ke Karaz Rass”

PHYSICAL: The best way to combat traitors, tyrants and evil doers is to use physical force against them and completely crush their moves. If the courage to use physical force is, in anyway lacking, the verbal (oral) force is used for this purpose. The evil is openly ‘condemned in rallies and organized conventions. The 10th Guru asks us to follow this “Natural Law” which he states in “JafarNama”:

Choonkar Az humra Heelte Dar Guzash

Halal Asht Burden Ba Shamsheere Dast

FINANCIAL: In case, one’s courage to condemn the evil is also lacking, then the most important thing is to condemn it wholeheartedly by supporting the cause financially or materially.

The single aim of struggle should be the eradication of evil and advancement of goodness, justice and glorification of Akal Purkh. Guru Gobind Singh postulates it in his words:

Khalsa So Jo Din Ko Pale Khalso So Jo Dusht Ko Gale Jahan Tahan Tum Dharm

Bitharo Dusht Dokhian Papr Pasharo

Thus whosoever serves or fulfills his duties toward his nation serves Almighty God and hence achieves emancipation and eternal bliss,

Without dignity and self-respect the whole life is useless. Following verse states the same:

“Je Jivai Pat Lathi Jai Sab Haram Jeta Kich Khai” (Guru Nanak)

As a result, you shall have to serve your nation for your own self, failing which you won’t get emancipation.

Sikh nation is facing unprecedented grave dangers from Indian Imperialism. If you don’t fight for the freedom of your nation, from the bonds of slavery, how would you ever get emancipation from the pains of life? If you cannot fight for freedom you are not eligible for salvation.

Freedom and salvation are opposite sides of the same coin. Cool night of the glowing moon and warm day of the glittering sun of salvation are left and right parts of the one universe, one reality and one nation.

Freedom is my goal Salvation is the aim Sides are opposite,

Yet coin is the same.

For fulfillment of life’s duty True religions advise Complete this mission Salvation is your prize.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 8, 1988