AMRITSAR, Punjab, India: Various freedom fighters’ organizations put up handwritten posters in the Golden Temple on the eve of birthday celebrations of: Guru Gobind Singh Ji to convey their ideas and feelings to the devotees who turned up in large number on that occasion. This was the first occasion that some photographs were put up on the walls, showing the fake encounters and repression of the paramilitary forces. The posters representing A.I.S.S.F., K.C.F. and other freedom fighting organizations’ heads were shown at important places in Parkarma area. In spite of the firing incident, the turn out of the devotees was very heavy. The photographs of various martyrs who were shown to have been killed by the police in fake encounters created lot of interest and respect amongst the devotees. The photographs displayed included Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, Bhai Amrik Singh, Gen. Subhegh Singh, Bhai Anokh Singh Babbar and Bhai Kuldip Singh Muchhal and several other freedom fighters, who laid down their lives for the cause of Khalistan,In another poster, the freedom fighters totally refuted the charge of their involvement in the yesterday’s firing. According to them both the Sikh youths were killed by the police but the police put the blame on freedom fighters in order to create panic among the visiting devotees.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 1, 1988