Los Angeles — Using a fingerprint lifted from a suspected getaway car, police say they have identified the so-called Night Stalker, who has terrorized much of California. Police late Friday released a photograph of Richard Ramirez, 25.

Bonn, West Germany — Heribert Hellen broich, the intelligence chief fired this week in the West German spy scandal, said East German agents are still capable of penetrating the highest levels of the Bonn government. Hellnbroich was saddled with much of the blame for the country’s recent espionage scandal.

Washington — Former budget director Bert Lance, three times forced to resign top jobs because of charges of illegal banking practices, faces new charges of check kiting and other fraud. The Comptroller of the Currency filed charges against Lance in U.S. District Court in Washington Friday.

Washington — LHightyone congressmen have asked the Supreme Court to affirm a 1973 decision legalizing abortion because to do otherwise would deprive women of “fundamental liberty.” They filed a brief With the Court Friday supporting its landmark ruling that women have a constitutional right to an abortion.

San Juan, Puerto Rico — The FBI arrested 14 people in Puerto Rico, Boston, and Dallas in a crackdown on Puerto Ricanscharged in the 1983 theft of $7 million from a Wells Fargo armored car in Connecticut. An agent was seriously wounded in a gun battle with one suspect seized in a raid.

Tucson, Ariz. — The youngest artificial heart recipient, Michael Drummond, 25, of Phoenix, was running a low-grade fever that doctors said could endanger his suitability for a human heart transplant, if the fever persists, doctors 222? to about 100 degrees Friday.

Washington — The Pentagon says it will give a new blood test to detect AIDS to all men and women applying for the armed services and reject those who fail the tests. The Armed Forces Epidemiological Board may recommend the test be given to all those now in the armed services.

Apalachicola, Fla. — Hurricane Elena bore down on Florida’s Gulf coast with 100mph winds and 12foot waves today, lashing beach resorts and fishing villages with blinding rain in the first blow of a Labor Day weekend attack. Hurricane warnings flew from Panama City to Sarasota, Fla.

Beirut, Lebanon — At least three people died in fighting between rival militiamen in Beirut and the northern port city of Tripoli, and another five were seized in the widening kidnapping war. Two people were killed and six others wounded in Lebanon’s second largest city of Tripoli Friday.

Siegen, West Germany — A single engine Cessna sport plane crashed on landing at an air show Sunday, killing one spectator and injuring seven.

The pilot and four passengers in the Cessna, which was on a sightseeing trip, were uninjured.

Police said the plane was attempting to land when it overshot the runway at a small private airfield outside Siegen, grazed a parked car and crashed into a group of spectators.

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