CANDIGARH, India: Five persons were gunned down during the last 24 hours in Punjab. Seven gunmen shot dead Singh, his wife and injured his daughter at Village Zasjauda in Kathunangal, District Amritsar. In another incident, some unidentified gunmen killed a CP.M. Activist, Vir Singh at village Bhattike in Mehta, District Amritsar. The gunmen also shot dead one Gian Singh and his servant in Beas area.

In another incident, some unidentified ‘people looted Rs. 15,000 from one Pardeep Kumar in Bhikhiwind police station in Amritsar district.

In another report from Jullundur, some people armed with guns, snatched a scooter from Surjit Kumar in Nawanshehar area. One person was shot dead in an unsuccessful attempt to rob in a village in Shah Kote in district Jullundur.

Article extracted from this publication >> January 1, 1988