London — A Syrian diplomat expelled from Britain for refusing to vacate an apartment flew back to Syria Sunday and said he had been treated unfairly and would never return.

“I don’t ever intend to come back — absolutely not,” said Ahmed Wallid Rajab, the Syrian second secretary who used his diplomatic immunity to ignore a court order to leave a three bedroom apartment.

Landlord John Chaffey said he rented the London flat to Rajab for six months but Rajab stayed three years during a protracted legal battle, making Chaffey and his family homeless.

A court ordered Rajab to leave the apartment by February but the diplomat ignored the order.

Chaffey wrote to Queen Elizabeth II about the problem and the Foreign Office expelled Rajab for breaching his diplomatic immunity.

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It is not a new rocket test, one course said, it might have been a test of a new antisatellite weapon that failed or was deliberately blown up _ before reaching orbit.

Article extracted from this publication >>  July 12, 1985