AMRITSAR: The police claimed to have killed eight Sikh Freedom Fighters including a top ranking Freedom Fighter belonging to Bhindranwale Tiger force. In addition to this four Sikhs, including a woman were arrested by the police during the last weekend.

According to another report, unidentified gunmen killed two persons and seriously injured ten persons, near Pathankot in Gurdaspur district.

Inspector General Border Range C. Paul Singh told newsmen at Amritsar that the assailants attacked the villagers assembled at a liquor shop with A.K 47 Chinese assault rifles. i The injured have been admitted to the hospital at Pathankot.

According to the I.G. Border Range, a known Sikh Freedom Fighter Bhai Major Singh carrying a reward of Rs 25000 on his head was found dead in Amritsar district. His dead body was said to have been found near Goindwal. Mr. C. Paul Singh attributed his death to the inter-group rivalries of the militants. The details of the other freedom fighters claimed to have been killed by the police, have not been given. According to information Bhai Major Singh has been killed by the police in a fake encounter.

Article extracted from this publication >> November 25, 1988