The sensational disclosure that the person who had made the terrorist threats during the extradition hearing of Ranjit Singh Gill and Sukhminder Singh Sandhu, was none else but the Prosecution Attorney herself, is not simply a stray leaf accidentally blown out of the world of detective fiction but appears to be an integral part of a many dimensional conspiracy to discredit the Sikhs everywhere. The Prosecutor was so determined to ensure the success of the extradition proceedings against the two innocent young men that she did not hesitate to violate the Federal Law. What is it that made her transgress the professional ethics and totally jeopardies her promising career? The answer to this key question will surely unfold many a Skelton. Her ostensibly wild action cannot be explained in: terms of an extraordinary desire to win the case or as a psychosomatic aberration. She played far too high a stake. Evidently she did it for an equally tempting incentive. What was the incentive and who offered it are the other important questions that must not be allowed to go unanswered.

The U.S. government owes it to the Sikhs to make a thorough probe into this sordid drama and identify the culprits. The trail will, in all probability, lead to the Indian Consulates. Last year, three Indian diplomats in Ottawa were ordered out of Canada after they were found to be indulging in activities repugnant to the established diplomatic code of conduct. In this case also, the truth must come out and no extraneous compulsions should be allowed to tilt the scales of justice. For too long Sikhs have been unjustly kept at the receiving end. All because of the malicious propaganda blitz unleashed against them by the communal rulers of India. It is time that the World should recognize the reality.

If the Indian government can manipulate terrorist threats in America and Canada and that through an American Prosecutor, there is no diabolic villainy that it will not put into operation to destroy the Sikh youth in Punjab where it enjoys unlimited power. The recent story released by the United Press International correspondent in Amritsar has vindicated the Sikh complaint about the government sponsored “Mafia gangs”. The “Mafia” man, Santokh Singh while relaxing at a city police station and cradling a machine gun did not mince words when he said to the correspondent, “the police supply us with money, ammunition, and vehicles… when we break the law, we tell a higher authority so police do not register a case”. He confessed killing of more than 50 persons besides committing a large number of robberies. The police officials admitted that they have recruited hardcore criminals to perform “p”. They also admitted that Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was aware of the new tactic in State terrorism. The law enforcing agencies are themselves engaged in the worst kind of jungle law. No civilized country can reconcile with such outrageous rape of the human rights and civil liberties. Even the most despicable form of fascism cannot be grosser than the so called Indian “democracy”.

Yet the leaders of the free world keep describing India as the “largest democracy”. These shocking revelations demand a fresh appraisal. The United Nations Organization also needs to review whether India still qualifies to be its member in view of the Constitutional amendment that has summarily taken away from its citizens the right to life and the right to liberty. How would the political scientists define a system that robs its people of the rights to life and liberty? It is a system that defies all definitions. It is not a shade less; rather it may be a shade more, than the racist regime of South Africa and needs to be condemned even more vigorously. To save the lives of the innocent Sikh youth, U.N. peace keeping force needs to be posted in the Punjab. The need of such a force is much greater there than in Sri Lanka. Sooner the free world realizes it, easier it would be to ensure lasting peace in the Punjab.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 25, 1988