The greatest strength of the Sikhs is proving to be a weakness. There could hardly be a more fiercely independent and individualistic people excelling at whatever they do. Ironically this has become the biggest stumbling block in the struggle for independence from the tyrannical Brahman empire of India. The Sikhs fail to see the advantages of coming together.

Historically there were over a dozen Misls of Sikhs which were brought together by Ranjit Singh to form one of the most powerful nations of Asia in the last century. Every leader while advocating Panthic unity is setting up his own piddly little party.

The goal is Khalistan no matter what it takes or how long. So long as we do not forget that we will not go wrong. There have always been traitors among us who would gladly sell us into slavery but the Sikhs have followed their destiny to ever greater glory.

The vital issue of Khalistan has been obscured for a very brief period by petty politicians making asses of themselves in the mad election scramble. So called leaders have set up their powerbroker shops under every tree.

The Akali Dal once a formidable political force in Punjab stands divided and in total disarray.

A few weeks back the four-month old Unified Akali Dal headed by Simranjit Singh Mann appeared to be heading for power in the state but with the announcement of the election schedule the Situation has undergone a dramatic change.

The Akalis have now splintered into 10 different factions. The number of Panthic Committees has also gone up to five.

Two powerful sections of the Dal headed by former chief minister Parkash Singh Badal and former Gurdwara Prabhandak Committee president Kabul Singh revolted against Mann and broke away to “re-activate” their parties Akali Dal (Badal) and Akali Dal (Longowal).

Amrinder Singh a former minister and Mr Ravi Inder Singh former speaker separated from the Akali Dal (B) to form a new party Akali Dal (Panthic).

The Akali Dal (Mann) faces revolt from many senior members. The party general secretary and a member of the parliamentary board Capt Harcharan Singh Rode and five executive members have quit their posts. Another powerful section of the Akali Dal (Mann) is headed by Baba Joginder Singh father of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale wants to “remove” Mann from the president ship of the party.

All the break-away groups have leveled allegations of “misleading the Sikh Panth” and “unfair play in the allotment of party tickets” against each other.

Of the 10 Akali Dals the four main ones are contesting the elections Besides the AISSF headed by Bhai Manjit Singh which incidentally also split with the support of the Panthic Committee (Manochahal) is also in the fray None of the other four panthic committees are in favour of elections.

The Sikhs have been cleverly set at each other’s throats while the Brahman of every shade has banded together against them. It seems we still have some basic lessons to learn in statecraft.

The word discipline is alien to us humility is an unknown virtue and the selflessness of legions of our martyrs is matched by the selfishness of our politicians.

We need to look to the example of Guru Nanak Devji who ignored his sons as his successor but chose the person most worthy for the divine task Guru Angad Dev. Being the relative of a militant does not endow a person with leadership qualities. We need to make selfless and strong men our leaders.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 10, 1991