After its disquieting debacle in the non-Hindi speaking States, Congress (I) is beginning to wake up to the colossal damage that its arrogantly Chauvinistic politics has done to the secular fabric of India. For narrow, shortterm gains Mrs. Indira Gandhi assumed the role of “Durga” determined to legitimatize Hindu domination over other religious minorities. Hindu majority had for centuries suffered domination of minorities. Muslim minority kept them under subjugation for nearly a thousand years only to be replaced by almost two centuries of domination by Christian minority. Both Muslims and Christians were outsiders. In Punjab Sikhs waged a relentless crusade against oppressive ruler’s right from the day of their birth and finally succeeded in establishing their own Sovereign Kingdom. During the British Raj, Muslims and Sikhs were treated as erstwhile rulers and therefore enjoyed a more privileged status than was ever given to the Hindu majority.

In such a background, it is natural for them to develop a deep animosity towards Muslims, Christians and Sikhs.

Hindus have carried the yoke for so long that there lies engraved a distinct sense of slavery upon their psyche. They are perpetually haunted by the fear of again losing what they have come to acquire through a queer combination of chance and shrewed maneuvering of the minorities at crucial time of Independence. They suffer from insecurity complex and lose all sense of proportion even when minorities demand only constitutional rights. They mistrust the minorities and brand them as separatists and secessionists on the slightest pretext. They are particularly apprehensive of the Sikhs. They know that Sikhs are a freedom loving people and would make any sacrifice to gain it. It is this knowledge and the consciousness of their own inherent weakness that prompts them to “‘erywolf”” whenever Sikhs demand their due. They should realize that Sikh religion teaches love for liberty but is extremely averse to dominating others. Sikhs share freedom and never monopolies it. Hindus need to fear only their own crooked and imbecile psychology and not the Sikhs.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 5, 1985