NEW DELHI, India: The Chief Metropolitan Magistrate R.N. Chug noted in his order that there has been a lapse on the part of C.BI. during the investigation into Gurumurti’s case. But the magistrate said that because of the lapse, the investigation should not suffer. Accordingly, he extended till Monday police remand of Janki Dhawan caucused with Gurumurti, an advisor to Indian Express group and reportedly connected with the Reliance fraud articles. The Magistrate allowed the C.B.I. application for further remand after passing strictures against them. Bail application of both Gurumurti and Dhawan will now be taken up on Monday. They have been charged by the C.B.I. under official Secrets Act following publication of facial documents on Reliance affair in Indian Express. Mr. Chug add ed in his order that it appears that C.B.I. should have acted more vigilantly by putting the accused Janki Dhawan to the lie detesting within the period of six days already available with them. If it was necessary to put Janki Dhawan to the test after Gurumuriti, as the CBI. Counsel had argued. It could still have been possible. The defense counsel K.K. Sud said that C.B.I. has no case under the Official Secrets Act and now they are looking under the Foreign Ministry’s Regulation Act.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 27, 1987