New Delhi, India — A French deputy military attache in New Delhi was recalled Sunday to Paris amid allegations that a French diplomat was involved in a major espionage ring in India.

A leading newspaper said Sunday that an unidentified French diplomat was deported from India, but the French embassy denied the report.

The report in the India Express came in the wake of the arrest of 11 people, including nine government officials, on suspicion of passing national secrets to unidentified foreign sources.

Indian External Affairs Ministry, Spokesman Salman Haider refused to confirm or deny that a French diplomat has been asked to leave India. “I’ve nothing to say on that,” he said.

In Paris, a foreign ministry spokesman said: “The French government wished to recall the deputy military attache to Paris for consultations. As for the rest, it has no comment to make about an affair of which it is ignorant.”’

Lt. Col. Alain Bolley, the French deputy military attache, asked about his reaction, said: ‘I’m surprised. I got the news about the recall through the press; I’m still waiting for an official order.”

Bolley said, ‘I don’t know why they are calling me back for consultations. . . I’m worried.”

Asked if he had any links with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency or some other espionage agency, Bolley said, ‘‘I’m not involved in any spying activity nor is the French embassy involved. I’m not in the CIA. No one has charged that, It’s ridiculous.”

 Bolley has been stationed in the capital since 1980.


Article extracted from this publication >> January 25, 1985