LIVE OAK: David Dhillon mayor of EI Cerrito CA and aspiring assemblyman spokes as a special guest to those attending the wedding of Parvinder Kaur and Tejinder pal Singh sat. April 25.

Dhillon who was introduced by Dr Amrit Pal Singh of L.A. is a third generation American-Sikh who spoke of the strong family traditions that his Sikh grandfather had inspired in him. Although Dhillon was young when his grandfather died he inspired his grandson with a reverence and love for Sikhism and the plight of Punjab.

He said “Because I’m Sikh and Human Rights Activist you don’t have to tell me what’s happening in Punjab.” He told the crowd he was proud to be a Sikh from Punjab” and if he is elected to the assembly he would “Be your boy in the legislature.”

Seeking the support of those in attendance he said that as the 1st Sikh elected as a representative he would not stand alone when I’m elected to a seat in Sacramento all Sikhs are elected to the Assembly.”

Many of those in attendance generously donated to his campaign and told him that they would solicit donations from their local Communities for his support.

Mr. & Mrs Harbans Singh Pamma hosted the wedding of their daughter Parvinder Kaur (Niece of Gumam S. Pamma) at the Gurdwara of Live Oak CA. The groom is the son of Mr. & Mrs. Balwant S. Bhullar of Jalandhar India.

The grand event was a lovely example of a formal Sikh ceremony. The traditional wedding began with Bhog of Granth Sahib (Holy Book) and Shabad Kirtan religious recitations) were performed by: Ragi Jatha of Bhai Balwinder Singh Rangila  Dh: Jathas of Ranjander Singh Nagoke and the congratulations song was sung by: Surjit S. Madhopuri of Vancouver Canada.

Congratulations were offered to the happy couple from the many illustrious individuals who came to share the joy of the family Including Didar S. Bains Char man of W.S.N.; Gurkha S. Dhillon president of W.S.0. Lakhbir S.Chima president WAS.N3 Dr.Gurinder S. Grewal Editor-In-Chief of W.S.N. Bakhshish Singh Sect. Gen.  Sacramento Gurdwara; and Dr Rajinder Pal Singh Sekhon G.S. Dhillon presented a plaque to the couple on behalf of the W.S.O. “The head priest of the Live Oak Temple gave Siropa to the newly wedded and Giani Sanjor Singh thanked everyone on behalf of the family.

The Pamma family is also thanked for their generous donations given on this auspicious occasion. The family donated $5000 to W S.O. for the INTRIL. Sikh Secretariat established in Washington D.C $250 to WSN to the Indo Canadian Times & for the campaign of David Dhillon Money was contributed also to the Gurdwaras of Live Oak Stockton Yuba City and Sacramento Many other individuals also took this opportunity to donate to the campaign of David Dhillon. After the wedding a private meeting was held in one of the rooms of the Gurdwara. Speaking to David Dhillon of their concerns the civic leaders included G.S. Dhillon Didar S.Bains Dr.Gurinder GrewalDe Amrit Pal Sekhon Gurman S.Pamma Lakhbir S.Chima and other California leading Sikh citizens. These gentlemen offered their support for his election and said they would collect monies in his behalf from their various communities

Speaking at length about Punjab it was emphasized that if elected Dhillon should bring the issue of Punjab Human Rights to the floor of the house as he would be the first Sikh representative Giving the group his assurance he said “I’m your man but I need you help too.” The group let Dhillon know that they would be supportive and if his ambitions led him to run for the U.S. Congress or Senate they would stand with him as a voice for U.S. Sikhs and their families in Punjab Giving his assurance that he would speak out he thanked all for their help. Thanks are extended to S. Pritam Singh of L.A. who is a tireless worker on behalf of the W.S.N. and whose efforts brought David Dhillon to the event in Live Oak.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 8, 1996