CALCUTTA: Newly-Elected PI (ML) General Secretary Yathvendra Singh has accused the PM of having sold its soul to the Ruling classes.

Speaking to select members of Press in Calcutta on Saturday Singh said that by agreeing to rule  Government under the person “system the CPM had in effect the confined the working class “Movement within the parameters “of those in power Small wonder the postures it adopted inside Parliament were drastically different from the ones it struck Outside. Singh said the CPI (ML) “Would not seek position through the ballot box having seen the “Pernicious role money and muscle power played in present-day elections

Asked what his party’s modus operandi for coming to power would be considering that it had foreworn the “terrorist path” Singh said his party stood for the “revolutionary mass line” moving the masses to take up arms. The Philosophy of “terrorsing the individual had failed. Bringing about an agrarian revolution is what the party would henceforth concentrate on. That is where its future lay.

The question of aligning itself with the Indian Peoples Front did not arise since that organization

Was already kowtowing to CPM; and since other splint Groups like Party Unity and the Maoist Coordination Commit in Bihar ha still to renounce terrorism they too could not b considered friends. The party h emphasized was still strong i Andhra Pradesh and Bihar an had a presence in West Bengal Punjab Uttar Pradesh and pocket of Rajasthan in West Benga the CCPI (ML had participated in many agitations’ along with the Socialist Unity Center of India

Singh said the CPICML) sup Ported the “national struggles to the Nagas and Kashmiris” and the demand for the stats of tharkh and Uttarakhand. Asked if he supported the Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front he said his party backed the desire of the Kashmiri People to determine their future. This did not necessarily mean that it supported the JKLF. Similarly he said the country would not suffer if Uttarakhand and Jharkhand were allowed statehood.

Singh said the recent Congress sponsored elections in Punjab were a farce; He called on the people to build a broad based movement to oppose the “savage repression” of the security forces as well as the “heinous killings” of militants

The General Secretary discloses that after a gap of over 12 year the CPI (ML) had recently held all-India party congress which elected an 11-member central committee. This was the first congress after the death to Satyanarayana Singh and Pull Reddy. He expressed his inability to disclose the names of the new elected members since many were still operating underground. Claiming to be the real inheritor of the Naxal legacy Singh said the CPI (ML) congress reaffirmed: Marxism-Leninism-Mao though as its ideological basis. IT held that Chinas ruling group had become revisionist by turning the country into a capitalist enclave And that like the former Soviet Union Chinese communism too would meet its doom Deng being no different from revisionists like Khrushchev and Brezhnev. The Party congress Singh said thus undertook to defend Mao Zedong thought from the attacks of imperialists and reactionaries. Singh said the Soviet collapse had left the US as the only effective superpower and the latter was intensifying its offensive again third world countries by resorting to blackmail subversion sanctions and outright aggression.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 1, 1992