WASHINGTON, D.C.: The Council of Khalistan condemns in the strongest terms the removal of the five Sikh high priests on May 30, from the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

They were removed by the Shromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SPGC), the Temple Management Committee. The President of this Committee has been in prison since last year.

The Indian government called ‘a meeting of the SGPC, which Is composed of Indian government puppets, aligned with the Home Minister, Buta Singh. Buta Singh has been excommunicated from the Sikh religion because of his conniving with the Indian government. The SGPC ousted the five high priests at the behest of the Indian government. It has appointed Mr. Harcharn Singh, who is from New Delhi, as the head priest of Sri Akal Takht.

The Indian government has also taken control of the temple through its own officials, the Deputy Commissioner of Amritsar.

This highhandedness and naked interference in religious affairs is a sacrilege. How can government troops enter the Golden Temple with weapons? These are coercive methods. The Indian government is destroying the tradition of Akal Takht and is also trying to destroy the whole Sikh nation.

Only the Sikh nation is authorized to manage the Sikh temples. The Sikh nation will not tolerate such action.

History is repeating itself. The British government controlled the Sikh temples through their appointed nominees (Mahants.) The Sikhs objected to the control through the Mahants and finally got the keys to the Golden Temple In 1921 from the British government, thus reestablishing their control.

Likewise the Sikhs will not allow the management of their temples by Indian government officials.

The Indian government has also begun demolishing some of the buildings inside the Golden Temple, and outside it, under the guise of “beautification.”

The Sikh nation warns the Indian government to stop this demolition, remove all the occupying security forces from the temple and Punjab, and demands that the Indian government should recognize the establishment of the Sikh homeland, Khalistan, and settle the boundaries by peaceful negotiations with the Panthic Committee and its political arm, the Council of Khalistan.

This is the only solution to the Punjab problem, and it should be implemented to avoid further bloodshed, loss of innocent life and property.

The Council of Khalistan also warns the members of the Temple Management Committee who are collaborating with the Indian government that Khalsa Panth will never forgive them for their acts of sacrilege. We also warn the members of the Committee about the Indian governments divide the rule policy. By allowing your nation to be divided at the behest of the ruthless Indian government, you are working towards the destruction of your own nation.

Dr. Gurmit Singh Aulakh issued the release from his Washington office.

Article extracted from this publication >> June 10, 1988