WASHINGTON, D.C.: The Council of Khalistan condemns in the strongest terms the most recent attack by the Indian troops on the Golden Temple at Amritsar on May 9, 1988. The Council demands an immediate end to the desecration of the Temple and the withdrawal from its precincts of Indian para-military and police forces. It also demands the withdrawal of Indian government’s agents provocateurs from inside the Temple who are responsible for the latest outburst ‘of violence and not militants as reported by the Associated Press and warns the government of India that if the Golden Temple is invaded in the same manner as on June 6, 1984, when thousands of Sikhs were slaughtered, the Sikh nation will never forgive the Indian government and will bear eternal hostility towards it,

The Council of Khalistan also demands:

  1. the withdrawal of Indian agents provocateurs responsible for the current blood-shed in Punjab and the Indian para-military and police forces who support these agent provocateurs from Punjab in general.
  2. The peaceful handover of the Sikh homeland of Khalistan to the Sikh nation.
  3. The peaceful settlement of boundaries between India and Khalistan by negotiations with the Panthic Committee and the Council of Khalistan. The Council of Khalistan appeals to all freedom loving, countries to support the Sikh freedom movement and to pressure the Indian government to stop its policy of genocidal “final solution” towards the Sikh nation. The Council draws attention to the fact that the Associated Press desperate from Amritsar dated May 9 which has appeared in many newspapers is as usual a reproduction of Indian government’s disinformation. Although it appreciates the fact that it is extremely difficult for any correspondent to give an objective report bearing in mind the disinformation with which he or she is fed. The A.P dispatch has quoted UNI news agency to report. This is government run agency equivalent to the Soviet Tass. Both are propaganda outlets and untrustworthy as objective sources of information, whose reporters are subjected to arrest if they do not report that which is required of them. One example of falsification of fact which appears in A.P. dispatch is the assertion that more than 2000 people were killed following the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1984. The correct figure is over 20,000.

The press statement was issued to World Sikh News by Dr. Gurmeet Singh Aulakh, President Council of Khalistan.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 13, 1988