NEW DELHI, India: Increasing contacts between Kamlapati Tripathi, the ex-chairman of A.I.C.C. (1) and Mr. V.P. Singh, the former Defense Minister has begun causing uneasiness in the Congress (I) circles. Two leaders have met twice in the past few days after his arrival from Luck now where he had gone to attend the public rally. Mr. Singh had probably discussed some problems with Mr. Tripathi about one and a half hours and were happy over the outcome of the meeting. The senior party leaders avoided any direct comments on the ways of the U.P. leaders but described the collusion between two stalwarts in the State Congress (I) politics as unfortunate. But they did not find the time ripe to take note of it. However, a Congress M.P. who has been a regular critic of the former defense minister described it as an alliance of BrahminThakur Combine. But he does not want it to put on record. According to him a powerful alliance is emerging in U.P. against the Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, with Arun Nehru’s tacit support. It is clear the V.P. Singh controversy is far from settled despite the efforts of some mediator. Mr. V.P. Singh has met Mr. Gandhi before the latter left for Luck now. Obviously, the main issues are to be sorted out. However, the party circles feel that Mr. Singh’s decision not to push the issue too far, despite violating the ban on meetings in U.P., can improve the prospects of settlement.

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 5, 1987