NEW DELHI: The committee on petitions has suggested that suitable mechanism be evolved by the Government to “identify and locate” all Indians staying in a particular country along with their addresses marital status family size and other particulars “relevant to desertion of wives

Dealing with the action taken on its recommendation on a representation regarding the “plight of discarded wives” whose husbands have settled in foreign countries the committee observed that enforcing compulsory registration of migrant husbands would require augmentation of the staff and resources of Indian missions abroad involving an avoidable expenditure in foreign exchange.”

It therefore suggested evolving suitable mechanism for this purpose Chairman of the committee P.G. Narayanan presented the first report to Parliament recently.

Similarly the commie hoped that it would be possible for the Government o take a decision on setting up a separate cell in Indian Missions abroad to render all possible assistance 10 “deserted wives” and resolving their difficulties

At the same time the committee said the government should “explore” the possibilities of including “bigamy” as an offence in the extradition agreements already entered into of to be entered into with foreign countries

It appreciated the “legal complications and limitations” in including bigamy in Schedule II of the Exudation Act 1962.

Speaking of Air-India’s restrictions on its air hostesses for flying duties the committee hoped that the national industrial tribunal constituted by the Center to go into various issues regarding terms and conditions of the services of Indian Airlines and Air-India would settle the issue “expeditiously.

The committee also noted that about 400 applications were still under examination for granting Indian citizenship to genuine persons by the Sikkim Government.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 1, 1992