New Delhi — Journalists who prepared the report on the November riots in Delhi is “‘wretched,”’ “Professors are worse,” and civil rights activists serve no purpose.

So said Hon’ble Justice Yogeswar Dayal of the Delhi High Court who was hearing a writ petition for an inquiry into the Delhi riots. “I have no respect for this report,’ the learned judge observed when the document was read out in the court.

When counsel pointed out to His Lordship that even the Supreme Court had acted on newspaper reports, for example, the under trials of Bihar and the Bhagalpur blinding, the learned judge said: ‘“‘The Supreme Court can do it; I will not do it.”

Justice Dayal said he did not believe in judicial activism. Courts have no time to “put their nose into public interest litigation; there are 67,000 cases pending,”’ he explained.

More about journalists and professors:

“You cannot involve thousands of people on a wretched journalist’s report. Their function is to give information. Investigation is not their function.”

 “Professors are worse; they are good at teaching, not in investigation. Investigation is an expert job. Professors have no idea what they are doing.”

Article extracted from this publication >>  February 22, 1985