PEKING, Dec. 28, Reuter: A Chinese doctor has cured over 90 per cent of her male patients suffering from impotency and infertility with a homebrewed herbal tonic, the New China news agency said today.

Since 1984, Chen Yumei based in Shenzhen in South China has treated 331 patients suffering from “little or no seminal fluid and those with dead and congenitally deformed sperm”, the agency said.

She claimed 328 of them, including a 56yearold man and five others above the age of 46, were clinically cured or improved mark edly by the tonic.

The wives of a quarter of the cured patients became pregnant or had already given birth, the agency said.

It said the tonic had been endorsed by the State science and Technology Commission which found it free of side effects and recommended introducing it “for use on a large scale”.

Chen, 41, had previously invented a prizewinning herbal tonic which cured 3,000 patients of different types of sexual disorders, the agency said.

Article extracted from this publication >>  January 2, 1987