PEKING, Reuter: China may be the undisputed kingpin of Badminton but the country’s one billion people have paid scant attention to the World Championships here.

Few Chinese appear to know or care about the tournament, the largest sporting event in China since the World Table Tennis Championships in 1961.

Ironically, events are being followed avidly by the outside world, which has dispatched about 100 journalists to the Chinese capital.


The seven day tournament, involving more than 200 of the world’s top players from 27 countries, has been largely ignored by the local media, losing out to soccer and volleyball, the two most popular spectator sports in China.

The English language China Daily carried only a picture of art Iceland player competing in the qualifying rounds when competition began last Monday.

China’s state controlled television has carried selected matches so far and concentrated on an Olympic soccer match between China and Hong Kong and a women’s volleyball tournament.

Ares England, May 14, (Reuter): Pakistan Cricket Manager Haseeb Ahsan criticised his side’s “reckless and irresponsible batting”

“It was a poor effort by all our batsmen”, he said. “None of them were in any difficulty, but got themselves out. It does worry me in a way that we are throwing away our wickets and we have got to play more professionally.”

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 29, 1987