At a glittering ceremony on Saturday, March 16, 1985, Presidents of the Federation of Sikh Societies of Canada and the University of British Columbia signed a formal agreement to set up a Chair of Sikh Studies at the University of British Columbia.

Mr. Gosal, President of the Federation said:

“It took the Sikhs almost a century to reach at these portals and gain entry to this temple of knowledge. This achievement is a salute to our ancestors and a gift to our future generations. We today open a new chapter in the multicultural text book of Canada.

“This accomplishment is due to the efforts and generosity of many.

“We are grateful to the numerous’ individuals, both here and abroad and particularly the B.C. Sikhs, and the Sikh societies spanning this whole nation, who have generously donated towards this noble endeavor. We now request the Hon. Jack B. Murta, Minister of State Multiculturalism to allocate the matching funds for the establishment of the Chair.

“We applaud the wisdom of the Senate in the creation of such a dimension of academic Sikh studies. We are delighted to thank the President of the University who has approved this project and the members of the Faculty, particularly Dr. Aklujkar, who helped framing of this agreement.

“The Chair spells the hope of many a youth and has placed Sikh studies on the academic map of the world.

“We look forward to an ongoing and rewarding collaboration with the University.”

This is the formal step necessary in the establishment of the Chair. The community has raised the funds required for the project within a short period of 114 years. Hon. Jack B. Murta is expected to respond to our request for the allocation of matching endowment by the Multiculturalism Canada in the near future.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 19, 1985