TORONTO: Apparently bowing to pressure from Indi the Canadian govt. which has been traditionally pro-India in its actions has again shown its disdain for Sikhs by arresting Balkar Singh who they have accused of being the head of the K.N. (Khalistan National Army).

The RCMP national-security section is probing the Canada wide links of the Khalistan National Army a Sikh militant group.

Police conducted a seven-hour search of militant Balkar Singhs Toronto house and told him they believe he is the chief of the KNA. It and other militant Sikh groups are fighting for the independence of the Punjab in northwest India.

Singh 43 said police believe he orders killings in India Singh is a frequent B.C. visitor and has extensive contacts with Lower Mainland Sikh militants.

What they are blaming me (or) is that I’m telling those boys in India to kill.” Singh said in an interview from his Rexdale-area home. “That’s not true I’m only a political spokesman for those people and I’m helping the victim families in the Punjab”

Singh was arrested in India in 1987 under Indias sweeping anti-terrorist laws. He was not charged but claimed police tortured him

Singh said seven Mounties grabbed him at a Toronto car wash. He and his family were ordered to remain seated in their home as police searched it. They carted away boxes of documents including KNA literature “They took all kinds of documents from my home even my home phone book” he said.

Singh said the Mounties told him they were looking for evidence of murder conspiracies. Singh believes India has pressured Canada to act against him

An RCMP national-security investigations section spokesman in Toronto declined to comments.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 8, 1996