NEW DELHI, India: The scandal involving purchase of Bofors guns worth $1.36 billion by India and the alleged kickbacks involving top officials surfaced again following startling disclosures in an Indian daily.

The daily Hindu had published documents which linked the Bofors agen Win Chadha and the Hindu as group of nonresident Indians.

The Hindu, a South Indian Daily, reported that the Hindu as are linked with Pitco, Moresco, and Moineco. These companies had received 80 million Swiss Kroner which was deposited in Swiss banks under the code names of Lotus, Tulip and Mont Blanc“Lotus” had figured prominently in the initial disclosures of the Bofors scandal. The scandal was originally revealed by the Swedish Radio on April 16, 1987. The radio had said that the arms manufacturer made kickbacks to key politicians and defence figures in India.

The Bofors scandal has caused a lot of damage to the Rajiv regime and once for all has wiped the “Mr. Clean” image of the Prime Minister.

Article extracted from this publication >> July 8, 1988