S.BHUPINDER SINGH BAIDWAN was probably the first computer sales engineer from the subcontinent, who is now the director of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) sales for Omnital.

Mr Baidwan who belongs to village Sohana where his family is known as “Qile Wale” (the fort Owners) migrated to U.S.A. in 1959. He did his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at University of Nevada Reno in 1967.

Mr. Baidwan and his wife Kanwal are extremely popular couple in every social circle. They are considered as the life of all the social and friendly gatherings.

Mr. Baidwan is one of the founding members of the Sikh Temple Fremont, Ca. He was also once the Chairman of the management committee of this Gurdwara.

Article extracted from this publication >>  May 8, 1987