BAY AREA, Ca: We have reserved the State Room for the following Sundays during 1987. Please mark your calendar.

Sept. 20, 1987: Open Oct. 25, 1987: Partap R. Sadarangani Family S. San Fran Nov. 22, 1987: Harinderpal Singh Family, El Sobrante Dec. 27, 1987: Open

Next month’s langar and parshad sewa is still available. Interested family, please contact immediately at (415) 8788400 to make reservations.

If you would like to reserve a date for langar and parshad sewa, please call (415) 8788400 immediately. If you are interested in getting KirtanPath Sewa performed either at your home or at The State Room, Bay Area Sikh Society will most gladly make arrangements for you. Please, let us know well in advance to avoid disappointment.


Sept. 5: Gurgaddi Sri Guru Ram Das Ji

Sept. 7: Joti Jot Sri Guru Amar Das Ji

Sept. 12: Gurgaddi Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji

Sept. 17: Joti Jot Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji

Sept. 17: Sangrand Asoo

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