NEW DELHL, India: The process of dialogue that Punjab Chief Minister, Surjit Singh Barnala, had with the Prime Minister will be resumed next week. According to Indian Express Barnala met the Prime Minister briefly and impressed upon him that since an atmosphere has been created in Punjab to involve public in combating violence and the Sikh High Priests have been disobeyed by him, the Centre should strengthen his hands. Barnala wanted immediate release of Jodhpur detainees and more concessions to the army deserters.

The following day Prime Minister had to leave on an election tour to return to the capital only this morning. Therefore, the matter could not be pursued further, according to circles close to Barnala. Prime Minister has assured the Chief Minister that after his retum from his election tour, he will get the two issues examined. The Express report said that if the two issues could not be resolved at least a group of detainees will be released. This will help Barnala to face the criticism that the Centre was only using him and not accepting his demands.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 27, 1987