LAHORE: Ravinder Singh and Harminder Singh two Sikhs who belong to Srinagar appealed against the decision of the single bench of the high court to a division bench.

They pleaded that they were Pakistani citizens appealing under the Pakistan Ahariat Act. As such they said they should be treated as citizens rather than as aliens.

The single bench of Lahore High Court had rejected their petition. Ravinder Singh and Harminder Singh were arrested at the Lahore airport after they hijacked an Indian Airlines jet from New Delhi to draw the attention of the world towards the atrocities against the Sikhs; No one was injured or harmed in the incident.

A special court had sentenced them to life imprisonment a decision which they have appealed against. They have also pleaded to be allowed to be released on bail because their appeal has not been heard for the last two years, Justice Sardar Mohammad Dogar, Sheikh Riaz Ahemad will hear the plea next week.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 7, 1989