Amritsar: Baba Thakur Singh the chief of Damdami Taksal has stated that his Organisation has no truck with Bhai Jasbir Singh and other four ex Jathedars who have been recently removed by SGPC from their offices.

In a statement, Baba Thakur Singh held Bhai Jasbir Singh, responsible for the Black Thunder operation. He also charged him of being hand in glove with government. Baba Thakur Singh declared that no militant Organisation is with Bhai Jasbir Singh.

The Damdami Taksal Chief said that his organisation is also nothing to do with Bhai Jasbir Singh’s plan to hold a “Sarbat Khalsa” at Akal Takhat Amritsar on the next Diwali day. Baba Thakur Singh described the move as a government show.

Bhai Jasbir Singh according to Baba Thakur Singh, has departed from his goal and is hand in glove with the government.

Article extracted from this publication >> September 30, 1988