KARNAL, India: A crusade against the consumption of liquor is taking shape in the rural as well as in the urban areas in Haryana. Women in large numbers are coming forward to oppose the opening of liquor vends in some villages and towns. However, the excise authorities have gone on with auction of vends even in those villages where people have expressed their resentment. Reports from Sonepat, Karnal, and Kurukshetra district to tell of rising protests against the opening of liquor vend. Recently women of Sonepat staged a Dharna against the opening of a vend. Over 150 women were sitting in Dharna in a village 54 km from Karnal in protest against the opening of country liquor vend. Women are led by a law student Sudesh Kumari. Some of the women told one correspondent that they were fighting for the preservation of the cultural and ancient heritage of India. The situation in the Brahm Chowg area of Karnal is tense with about 200 women sitting in Dharna and spitting at the shop where liquor vend is to be opened.

Mrs. Sanjogta who is leading the Dharna said if the vend was opened in this residential area it would lead to goondaism. Last year vend was located 150 yards away from the present site. The people of the area were witnesses to daily drunken bouts. Such behavior affected the morality and character of our children. At times people under the influence of liquor knocked at the doors of the houses, and used abusive language, she said.

Lahore authorities asked police to round up Afghans in the city and send them to the camps where three million refugees from Afghanistan’s eight year old guerrilla war are living.

Rawalpindi, which contains the headquarters of Pakistan’s Armed Forces, has a small Afghan community.

Last night’s explosion was just outside the telephone exchange and also smashed windows in a nearby hospital.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 17, 1987