Sardar Bakhshish Singh Banwait was born to Rattan Kaur and Mansha Singh at Urapar in Dist. Jullundur 34 years ago. He graduated from D.A.V. College Jullundur with B.A. and later did Masters in Political Science from Lyallpur Khalsa College Jullundur. On migration to U.S.A. in 1975, he settled down in the capital city of Sacramento in California At present he is secretary of Sikh Temple there. The Banwait family is highly respected amongst the Sikhs for their dedication and commitment for the Panth, doing their best to promote Sikh ideals and values. He supports Sikh causes with deep devotion and is member of WSO National Council and also involved the promotion of the World Sikh News. These exceptional qualities have made young Banwait a leading figure amongst Sikhs. Bakhshish and his wife Amrit Kaur are proud parents of a daughter and two sons.

Article extracted from this publication >> August 26, 1988