LUDHIANA — The Punjab Sikh Lawyers’ Council blamed Captain Amrinder Singh, a senior U.A.D, leader and an aspirant for the Chief Minister ship of Punjab, for playing a treacherous game against the Sikhs at the behest of his masters in Delhi.

This was stated here today by the P.S.L.C. General Secretary, Mr. D.S. Gill while condemning the press statement by Captain Amrinder Singh expressing satisfaction over the Operation Black Thunder and complementing the action of the security forces in not firing at the Temple, even as dozens of devotees were killed by them right in the Parikrama of the Temple.

Mr. Gill further alleged that the Patiala State had always sided with Delhi or Kabul, rather than joining the Sikh struggle. It never joined Dal Khalsa nor did the Patiala Sardar attend the Sarbat Khalsab. Even Raja Amar Singh has inscribed ‘Amar Singh Bamzai’ on his official seal as a sign of subjugation to Shah Wali Khan Bamzai, the Wazir of Abdali, he added.

According to the statement, Baba Ala Singh was released by Abdali after Mai Fatto, the wife of Ala Singh, pleaded’ personally for 3 days and nights. Abdali was too enamored by her manners and charm. He bestowed Ala Singh with the title of Raja with permission to beat his own Nagara.

Quoting from history, the Council spokesman, narrated that Patiala ruler Karam Singh led a deputation of cis Sutlej Sardars to Delhi to oppose the Sikh Kingdom of Ranjit Singh, while Maharaja Narinder Singh was bestowed by Queen Victoria, the title of ‘FarzandIKhas, Dilbandi Daulat Englishia’ (the special beloved son of the British Empire) for assisting in suppression of Mutiny.

The Patiala House, he said, quelled Ghaddar and Gurdwara Reform movements. Bhupinder Singh, the grandfather of Amrinder Singh, refused to hand over historical Gurdwaras in the State to the newly elected S.G.P.C. while disobeying the Gurmata of the Sarbat Khalsa held at Akal Takhit on Nov. 15, 1920.

The Council warned the Sikhs to beware of this scion of the Patiala House, Capt. Amrinder Singh as he, following the footsteps of his forefathers, is helping Delhi Durbar to crush the Sikhs and is working as a Trojan horse of the ruling caucus.

Article extracted from this publication >> August 12, 1988