CASABLANCA, Reuter: African nations may be urged to boycott the Olympic Games in Seoul in September if South African born runner Zola Budd takes part, the Secretary General of the Continents top sport body said on Sunday.

Amadou Lamine Ba of the Supreme Council for sports (SCSA) told Reuter there was growing evidence to show that Budd, who. Holds a British passport, had not broken her ties with South Africa,

Budd pulled out of the British team for last Saturday’s world Cross country championships in Auckland after pressure from several quarters, including the SCSA which says she took part in a cross country event in South Africa last year.

Asked if the Supreme Council would mount similar opposition against Budd if she was picked for the British Olympic team, Ba replied: “If need be”

“We are not in favor of boycotting any games because if we boycott the level of our sports will go down, but if we have to pay that price for our dignity we will do so,” he said in an interview.

CASABLANCA, Reuter: Cameron won the Africa Nations Cup the continent’s premier soccer title for the second time when a 55thminute penalty pave them 4 10 victory over Nigeria in the final on Sunday Harkin said in a reply to New Delhi: “Be assured that the tie will take place in a calm atmosphere and sporting spirit.”

India’s’ refusal to go to Tel Aviv was announced in parliament by Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi on Wednesday. A government spokesman said the decision was prompted by events in the Israeli occupied territories,

Under Davis Cup rules, India, be a ten finalists last year, would be suspended from the competition for 1989 and relegated to the Asian zone in 1990 if they do not play the tie in the Aviv.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 1, 1988