KARACHI: A well-knit gang of Afghan saboteurs allegedly involved in 42 cases of violence in which over 300 people were killed in Pakistan is claimed to have been busted by the Baluchistan police.

The arrest of the saboteurs police officials said in Quetta, foiled fresh plans of terrorist acts in Karachi and Sind province. The saboteurs were arrested red handed while trying to smuggle powerful explosive material from Baluchistan to Sind province.

The chief of the Baluchistan police, Mr. Qamar Alam told a news conference in Quetta that the gang, believed to be agents of the Afghan secret service, Khad, comprised over 100 men and women. “Most of the gangsters have been hauled up while search for others is going on,” he said.

The police chief said a special vigil was being kept on the entry points as the police were tipped off about the possibility of some Khad agents sneaking into Pakistan to carry out fresh acts of subversion and terrorism.

As a result of the strict watch, the police succeed in arresting one Habibullah Achakzai, a Khad agent. On interrogation he and his accomplices were found responsible for bomb blasts in Hyderabad’ and Bohri Bazar in Karachi. The blasts had Killed about 100 people in July 1987. The Afghan agents admitted that they were paid one lakh Afghanis for each explosion they carried out.

Article extracted from this publication >>  March 31, 1989