‘SO many Americans are inspired by Waheguru to adopt Sikh religion, but this family is really unique.

Rasamrit Singh Khalsa (39) and his wife Satnam Kaur (36) were attracted by Eastern philosophy, so they went to India. They studied Sikh religion and became true Sikhs. No one preached or converted them to Sikhism but they found Sikh philosophy so great that they are now Amritdhari Sikhs.

Rasamrit Singh was a farmer because of problems in the agriculture business, he sold his farm and opened up a business in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. He is a hardworking and honest man. He says, “He is not greedy about money, he just wants enough to take care of his family”,

Rasamrit Singh’s four children Jagjit Singh (16), Jotparkash Kaur (14), Fauja Singh (5) and Ardaman Kaur (3) are all Guru-Sikhs and proud of being Sikhs. They all wear dastars. Even the 14 year old Jotparkash goes to school with dastar on her head unlike other Sikh girls in this country.

The Khalsa family pledges their full support and sympathy to Sikh freedom fighters. When some Sikh freedom fighters were Federal prison, Oxford, Wisconsin, both Rasamrit Singh and Satnam Kaur used to visit the prison to perform Kirtan. This was the first time the Kirtan was ever performed in a US. Prison. They also correspond with Sikhs in other prisons, ie, Lahore, Pakistan.

Satnam Kaur feels sorry to see that Sikh community stial believes in caste system which was strictly forbidden by Guru Sahibs. She says, “We must find some solution to abolish caste system. Those who believe in caste system are no better than Hindus”.

Khalsas respect Sant Bhindranwale as a great martyr. They say that Sikh community should give full support to freedom fighters so that we could free our Gurdwaras and land from the government of India.

Simple way of living and high thinking of this family is a good living example for the Sikh community to follow.

Article extracted from this publication >> April 29, 1988