By Gian Singh Sandhu

OTTAWA, Ontario, Can.: JOE CLARK ISSUE: Frustrated MPs (Members of the Multiculturalism Committee), having problems to subpoena Joe Clark, took. The rare step of subpoenaing Mr. Clark’s second-in-command (Under Secretary Joseph Stand ford), Mr, stand ford appeared before the Commons Committee on June 28, 1988, and Offered few satisfactory answers. In a very carefully worded statement, he said, “The Canadian foreign policy will be made in Canada by the Canadians in the Canadian interest”. But beyond this, stand ford dodged MPs in giving information on various issues pertaining to minorities.

The Committee Chairman, Dr. Gus Mitges, has called the action of the External Affairs Minister stonewalling. We are in touch with the Committee to take further action. Joe Clark, in his letter to the Opposition House Leader, wrote that World Sikh Organization is a peaceful and nonviolent organization and should take lead in the community.

We will continue to push the government to investigate the role of the Indian government on Canadian External Affairs.


Indian Consulate Jagdish Sharma, who was posted in Vancouver immediately after the Blue Star Operation in 1984, has finally completed his tenure in Canada. This man singlehandedly caused more damage to the Sikh community than everyone else put together by the government of India.

Shortly before his departure, he made a final farewell by blasting WSO and that too in my own hometown. His comments and my responses are given on the ensuing pages.


July 12th marked the first anniversary for the 174 Sikh refugees who arrived on the coast of Nova Scotia last year. Most of the refugees are employed and have caused no burden on their sponsors except for 9 who have mysteriously disappeared and their sponsors are being penalized with their bonds.

You may recall the government of Canada had recalled the Parliament to pass an emergency legislation to stop further influx — as the government called it — of refugees. After 12 months, bill C055 has still not been passed. The Senate, with a Liberal majority, has asked for a number of amendments. Though rare, the Immigration Minister is willing to make some changes with the precondition that the Senate pass both bills €55 and C78. The critical part of the bill is that churches, organizations and individuals can be fined up to $250,000 if they assist a refugee to enter Canada. Also, the bill gives the Government sweeping powers to turn the ships away from Canadian shores.


The fourth anniversary of WSO falls on July 28 and “I suggest to all regions and chapter coordinators to please sponsor WSO events in your areas in order to mark the organization’s fourth anniversary. Mini conventions in Gurdwaras would be the easiest method to follow. If you require any assistance in developing your presentation, call our office for a package on the activities of WSO and its progress over the past four years.

The National Council Presidents should distribute WSO information packages to all Gurdwaras and chapters.

Our US branch is holding a major anniversary celebration in the Sacramento Gurdwara with the kind assistance and cooperation of the Gurdwara committee and of the Sangat of Sacramento and the surrounding communities.

I will also be attending the function in Sacramento on July 31.


The arguments presented in court on July 6, 1988, did not achieve much. Most of the discussion centered around Ms. Judy Russell’s visit to India and her contacts. The defense lawyers are demanding this information but the court is not willing to disclose this as yet. There appears to be massive confusion. Mr. Mangat will be meeting with Ms. Mary Pike, the defense attorney,

July 16, to get more details on this.


The extradition hearing for Inderjit Singh Reyat, at one time a resident of Duncan, B.C., is in progress in London and so far the arguments presented by the Canadian government and the defense lawyer have given no clear indication towards the anticipated outcome.

The Canadian government has spent over $85 million on this investigation and has miserably failed so far to convict anyone. The government of India, through the Canadian government, has certainly succeeded in discrediting the Sikh community and irreparable damage has been caused to the community. WSO has demanded of the Canadian government that a Parliament commission be established to investigate these very unfortunate incidents.


As I was writing this report, I was informed that Bhai Labh Singh, a very close compatriot of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale was shot dead. His untimely death will be a great blow to the Panthic Committee and others who sought his advice in the present independence struggle. The W.S.O. joins with his family and friends in a prayer for his eternal peace. The Gurdwaras across the world should hold prayers and Akhand paths to commemorate Bhai Labh Singh and all martyrs on the occasion of WSO’s anniversary.

The U.A.D. executives have expelled some of their members and the differences have deepened.

Sikhs in India have to wake up before it is too late.

WSO strongly recommends to all parties in India to find a peaceful solution. Eventually, the differences and even the boundaries of countries will have to be settled across the table.


The USS. Branch is holding its National Executive meeting on: July 30, 1988, in Sacramento, California.

The Canadian branch is holding its National Executive meeting on September 10 & 11, 1988, in Calgary, Alberta.

The Governing Council will be meeting on July 30, 1988, in Sacramento. California.

Article extracted from this publication >> July 22, 1988