My mind, like the empty sky has no boundaries,

In a seedless Samadhi it becomes nonbinding,

And loses its attachments through ‘‘mind fasting’’,

And produces a_ void that no one can see.

An objectless silence on the image weaving screen,

It glows because it ceases to exist,

New earth becomes the lotus land of purity,

And initiates timeless union with the universe.

Liberation and moksha are the temporal fruits of actions,

Producing inevitable response of Karmic cyclonic forces,

Samsara and Nirvana, ignorance and enlightenment,

One is already there were any path can take him.

My plateau experiences of mindfulness and ‘‘Neti, Neti’’,

Representing I thoughts which are chains of bondage,

My nondual awareness

and no conceptual cognition,

 Reveals reality through intense passive self.

I then become the seer and the seen

Distance between observed and observer ceases

And I can see Brahmand with images

Mystical and eternal awareness of the Now moment prevails.

Article extracted from this publication >> March 22, 1985