Seoul, South Korea — Hyundai Motorar maker, plans to construct a complete car in Canada, Hyundai officials said Friday.

Hyundai’s plan became official Friday when it initiated a memorandum with Sinclair Stevens, visiting Canadian minister of Regional Industrial Expansion Department.

According to the memorandum, Hyundai will invest $156 million over the next four years into a car assembly plant to be built at an unspecified place in Canada.

The Hyundai plant in Canada, the memorandum said has invited the United States, Canada, Ireland and Japan to attend a conference on the crash of an Air India jumbo jet in June that killed all 329 people on board, All India Radio said Friday.

The staterun radio said Justice B.N. Kirpal, head of an official commission investigating the crash, had invited the four governments as well as officials from Boeing and AirIndia to send delegates to the conference Sept. 16.The radio said the Japanese team would attend as an observer. Japan investigating the cause of a Japan Air Lines crash on Aug. 12, also crash. Investigators have failed to confirm suspicions that a bomb blast sent the MontrealBombay flight plunging into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Treland June 23.

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