Indian Society a deeply entrenched conservative society, Intolerant of the lower classes, minorities and hostile to change, A society that has fallen pray to the engineers of dynastic rule, ZARD PATON KA BANA YEH MERA DES HAI.

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BARBARIC and tyrannical regimes use torture, POLICE as squads of torturers and executioners, Government making scapegoating of an entire community ZARD PATON KA BANA YEH MERA DES HAI.

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Minorities are treated as a separate species, all tarred with the same brush, Television and media project this distortion of facts, and Because of the habit of servility the national press says “yes sir,” ZARD PATON KABANA YEH MERA DES HAI.

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Deification of Individuals, identifying them with the “Nation” Glorifying acceptance of legitimate demands as “goodwill gestures” Dehumanizing of the folk culture and elevation of the elitism, 7ART) PATON KA BANA YEH MERA DES HAI.

Article extracted from this publication >>  October 18, 1985