Panth Khalsa Radio Program is passing through a grave financial crisis. Individual donations, Primary sources of our funding are progressively becoming scarce. We need a more reliable and stable source of funding to run this program effectively. The organized sector of our community pays little attention to what we do. Our leadership understands the importance of Radio Communication but actually has done little to initiate or Integrate a plan or project in this vital area.

Panth Khalsa Radio Program has all the potentialities to become a national voice of the Sikhs. With sufficient funding, this program can be replicated all over North America. With the added input of present day advanced technology, this program can also provide important link with our brethren In Punjab. With more capital Imputes, this Program can also become profitable.

We request the Gurdwara Parbandhaks especially In California to come forward and share some of our financial burden. Half an hour weekly Radio Program costs us $168.00. Four Sikh Temples can meet his need by donating 40 dollars a week. This program has no commercials. Production of this program incurs no administrative costs.

Interested persons or organizations for the survival of this program can contact us at the following address:

Gurdial Singh, Joginder Singh, Surjit Singh Panth Khalsa Foundation Inc. 878 Jack London Drive, Vallejo CA 94589 Tel: (707) 5544087.

Article extracted from this publication >>  December 20, 1985