1. What is Fascism? D. S.

Mangat — Vancouver

  1. It is a form of government that monopolizes all powers and ruthlessly crushes all opposition. It was first practiced in Italy by Mussolini in 1922 and later adopted by’ Hitler in Germany. It is currently being followed by Indian Government in Punjab to crush Sikhs.


  1. How can the Sanctity of Gurdwaras be pre served?

Giani Deep Singh — Atlanta

  1. By creating a Sovereign Sikh State.
  2. Why did Sikhs in 1947 opt to join India rather than having their own independent Khalistan? G. S. Rawla — New York
  3. Sikhs were partly duped by leaders like Gandhi and Nehru through solemn promises and partly by their own leaders like Baldev Singh and Master Tara Singh.
  4. Do you think Khalistan would be economically viable?

Karanjit Singh — Boston

  1. Yes. In twenty years its prosperity will surpass that of Switzerland and compare favorably with that of California.

Q.Is it correct that World Sikh Organization is raising a Sikh army?

Vinod Mohindru — Ottawa, Canada

  1. World Wikh Organization is mobilizing a powerful force of World opinion by blasting Indian Government’s false propaganda and by projecting the truth about Sikh slavery in India — Sikhs are no longer considered terrorists rather the reality of Hindu terrorism in Punjab, Kashmir, Assam and Ceylon is being increasingly recognized by the outside world.
  2. What is narcissism?

Jaspreet — Chicago

  1. State of falling in love with oneself; Self-love. It is a typical affliction of the Nehru Dynasty.
  2. What purpose would be served by the judicial enquiry into anti-Sikh riots?

Amarinder Singh Kang — L.A.

  1. Some justice Yogeshwar Dayal or Kirpal would conduct a farcical eyewash to checkmate the

Growing resentment and to facilitate the designs of Sikh traitors.

Q.Is it right to elevate an ordinary assassin to the position of a national martyr? )

Tarun Mehta — San Francisco

  1. According to your dictionary Shaheed Bhagat Singh, Raj Guru, Sukhdev and Udham Singh would also be classified as ‘ordinary’ assassins.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 26, 1985