1. Do you think there was a foreign hand in the killing of Mrs. Gandhi as alleged by Rajiv Gandhi? )


Dalbir Singh — Delano, CA

  1. for Rajiv, Sikhs are foreigners in India.
  2. How long can Rajiv feed the starving Indians on anti-Sikh slogans and goods plundered from sikh homes? :

Jaswant Kaur — Los Angeles

  1. As long as Indians remain slaves to the Brahminvad and practice ‘idol worship’? Rajiv has no worries.
  2. What is the historical importance of) Stockton Gurdwara?

PritamSingh — Modesto, CA

  1. It is the soil that breeds revolutions, the famous Gaddar movement for India’s liberation originated here.
  2. Why did Punjab Hindus, diswn their mother tongue Punjab?
  3. K. Rao— New York
  4. As a minority in Punjab, Hindus identify themselves with the Non Punjabi Hindus and consider Punjab and Punjabi as the land of Sikhs, hence their unnatural adoption of Hindi as their mother tongues.
  5. Why does your weekly refer to India as Hindu India?

R.N. Chopra — Tempa, Florida

  1. Because our policy is to call a spade a spade, how can we call India a secular India when religious minorities are being ruthlessly exterminated with active police and army connivance, when the Prime Minister himself talks of ‘‘teaching Sikhs a lesson.”
  2. How can there be a Khalistan when some prominent Sikhs are opposing it?

 A.S. Bhasin — Washington, D.C.

  1. A large number of “‘Rai Bahadurs’”’ and “Sardar Bahadurs’’ always opposed the idea of free India and called men like Gandhi, Nehru and Sub hash Bose as crazy ‘“‘shadow hunters.”’ You can draw your conclusions.
  2. How can one qualify to be a “‘true Patriot’ in India?

Nikul Sen — Salt Lake City

  1. By killing Sikhs one can not only qualify to be a patriot but also become a Minister like H.K.L. Bhagat.

Article extracted from this publication >>  April 12, 1985