1. What is the difference between a star and

lanet? : “I A. The difference between a Sikh and a Congress Sikh. The star shines with its own light and Janet shines with a borrowed light.

  1. Who are these ‘‘moderates? ?’ Y. P. Singh — New York
  2. They are the ones responsible for keeping Sikhs as salves.
  3. What would Pakistain gain by punishing sikh Hijackers? 4 3
  4. Pakistani will gain the “gratitude of the ‘ungrateful,’”’ and lose the goodwill of the Sikh neighbors.
  5. Where would Pakistan’s policy of placating media lead it to? R. S. Tiwana Toronto
  6. Exactly where Sikhism, Bhutan, Goa and Hyderabad are. Bits of meat thrown to a hungry lion “an only postpones and not saves from being gobbledIp.
  7. What is your opinion about the Sikhs who 1ave recently formed Sikh Forum. Ranjit Singh Fremont, CA A. A bunch of eunuchs who, to satisfy their compulsive itching, would stoop to anything.
  8. “‘Akalis not for Khalistan,” says Longowal, Any comment? R. K. Anand Los Angles. A. A defunct Soul with no bidders, flapping his ineffectual wings to please his ‘‘new masters.”
  9. The quest for Khalistan tantamount to shadow hunting. What is your opinion? T. R. Sharma Houston A. The great revolutions in the beginning appear as Shadow hunting to the decadent lovers of ‘‘statuesque.”’ Man’s journey from privative Stone Age to the present space age owes more to shadow hunting adventurists than to idle conformists. Even otherwise Shadow hunting is preferable to wretched existence in shackled slavery.
  10. Why have popular stars like Amitabh Bachan, Sunil Dutt and Vijayantimala failed to make any impact in the parliament?

Harpreet — Vancouver

  1. They are still searching for scriptwriters and directors for their new roles.
  2. What is the most significant event of the year 1984? Harpreet — Vancourver
  3. Martyrdom of Sant Jarnail Singh Khalsa Bhindranwale.
  4. Do you consider Khushwant Singh an intellectual?
  5. S. Sandhu— Oakland, CA
  6. An intellectual cuckold — with every turn

Of events his intellect is seduced without his knowing it.

  1. What do you think of actor politicians?
  2. Dass — Chica
  3. Readymade garments.
  4. How would you define “‘Subverting Judiciary?


Ranbir Singh — Prince Rupert Canada

  1. Read judgments of justi Dayal of Delhi High Court.





Article extracted from this publication >>  April 5, 1985