Q. Do you think land-locked Khalistan would be able to retain its independence?

A. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty. It is through determination and will that independence f gained or preserved irrespective of the geographical factors.

Q. Sikhs are a pampered community’, remarked a Congress leader. Do you agree?

A. Sikhs are a persecuted community. Their proud bearing and overflowing confidence, despite persecutions, make them look pampered.

Q. What do you think of Rajiv’s mission for family planning?

A. For Rajiv family planning means planning for the continuance of family rule through Rahul onwards the cherished dream of the dear departed “Mama.”

Q. Hindus in Punjab have been armed to the teeth to fight the Sikhs and Sikhs have been disarmed. Do you think government plans to repeat Delhi in Punjab also to teach Sikhs a lesson?

A. We wish you were wrong.

Q. What would be the greatest news of your life?

A. Saluting to the fluttering ‘‘Kesari’’ of the Sovereigh Sikh State.

Q. Your reaction if separate Tamil State is created in Sri Lanka. Satnam Singh?

A. Let America and Pakistan learn from India.

Q. How will Khalistan help the Sikhs living abroad? Harjit S. Sohin, Atlanta, GA?

A. Khalistan will generate a legitimate sense of pride in every Sikh as a free nation it will have the requisite muscle power to protect the interests of Sikhs living abroad.

Q. Hindus claim that Sikhs never owned India as their country. Comment?

A. The breakup of the freedom fighters who were punished by the British rulers is as follows: Sentenced to death: Out of 127; 92 were Sikhs 80%. Martyrs: Our of 2125; 1557 were Sikhs 75%. Sentenced to life: Out of 2646, 2147 were Sikhs 80%. I.N.A. Strength: Out of 20,000; 12,000 were Sikhs 60%.

Even after all this they are looked upon with suspicion by the Hindus. Sikhs have never disowned India. It is the Hindus that are allergic to Sikhs.

Q.  Mahatma Gandhi once remarked that Guru Gobind Singh was a misguided Statesman. Comment?

A. Guru Gobind Singh was a divinely inspired Saint Soldier and M. K. Gandhi’s “bania”’ imagination could never soar to those celestial heights. Besides, essential coward as Gandhi was, he hastily when Sikhs challenged him.

Article extracted from this publication >> May 17, 1985