1. There are strong rumours that Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale is alive. Do you have any informant? Wee G. S. Rana, New Jersey
  2. Even now every arrested Sikh youth is tortured by army and police in order to get information regarding Sant Bhindranwale’s whereabouts. At Patiala Baba Joginder Singh, father of Sant Ji, observed that “army destroyed Akal Takht and killed thousands of Sikhs but failed to kill one for capturing whom it had attacked the Golden Temple.”’ You can draw your conclusions.
  3. “Rajiv is deeper and wiser than he looks,” says his wife Sonia. Any comment. Balwinder Singh, Toronto A. She admits that he looks “otherwise.” She must somehow justify her choice and like a dutiful wife create a myth to console herself.
  4. Define a lady. Sangta Gupta, Salt Lake City A. A lady is one is whose presence man becomes a gentleman.
  5. Howcan one find peace of mind? Jagdeep S. Sekhon, Vancouver A. By loving and serving God’s creation.
  6. Twentieth century would go down in history

As an age of violence. Comment. K. K. Oberio, New York A. Violence is the child of materialism. The increasing obsession with materialism does not augur well even for the 21st century. Providence alone can reverse the trend.

  1. When a nation is struggling for freedom, do terms like “moderates” or “extremists” have any relevance?

Ranjit Singh, Yuba City

  1. Nehru was branded as an extremist when he pushed through his resolution of complete independence (Puran Swaraj) at the Lahore session of Indian National Congress in 1929. Those who reconcile with half-baked solutions in order to safeguard their vested interests are called moderates.
  2. Which of the two — strong center or truly federal structure can preserve India’s unity?

Atam Parkash, New York

  1. A truly federal structure alone can help preserve unity, because in India strong center in reality means domination of the abominable Hindi belt.

Article extracted from this publication >>  June 14, 1985